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Oranges Oil Company is the first Hungarian-owned fully self-service gas station within Hungary. Our story began in Mosonmagyaróvár by opening a station at Park Center, which grew into the dynamically growing network that we are today. As a result you may now use our services at ZONE shopping park in Zalaegerszeg and in Győr.

Our biggest advantage is providing you with the opportunity to fuel for a previously given amount. Therefore you are in control as to how much you would prefer to pay and you receive its’ equivalent in gas. In case you can’t use up the given amount, you will receive a voucher code that you may redeem at a later purchase.

Clients who would like to receive an invoice at the end of their purchase, should register on our APPLYING FOR CUSTOMER CODE page for a faster exchange.

Our mission is to unite the notion of a fast and simple trip to the gas station with shopping, therefore completing your usual tasks in one practical step.

Every drop counts to our customers, and we respect the interests of our customers.

That’s why you should choose ORANGES OIL COMPANY.

Low prices

If you would like to get fuel on a lower price, choosing our self-service station is the best choice! You can set the amount you want to fill up for. In case you don’t use the complete amount, you will only be charged for the amount you received gas for.

Quality fuel

Oranges Oil Company offers excellent quality Austrian fuel, on an amazingly low price. Fill up on petrol, or diesel with us!

Fuel and shop at the same place

Our stations are in close vicinity of shopping malls, which allows you to fill up on fuel and do your shopping easily, fast and in one place - comfortably.

Customers said

  • "A versenyeken mindig Oranges Oil Company üzemanyaggal töltöm fel az autóm. A győzelem pedig engem tölt fel."

    Rongits Attila, Rally versenyző Rongits Team, Alapító

Here are 4 reasons why choose ORANGEs OIL COMPANY