• Budakeszi, Bianka u. 1.

    Petrol (E95): 439,9 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 429,9 Ft / liter

  • Győr, Fehérvári út 99.

    Petrol (E95): 452,9 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 442,9 Ft / liter

  • Mosonmagyaróvár, Halászi úti kanyar

    Petrol (E95): 443 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 438 Ft / liter

  • Mosonmagyaróvár, Park Center, Szekeres Richárd u. 19.

    Petrol (E95): 443 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 438 Ft / liter

  • Nagykanizsa, Kanizsa Centrum, Táborhely utca 4.

    Petrol (E95): 449,9 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 429,9 Ft / liter

  • Ózd, Malom út 1.

    Petrol (E95): 439,9 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 429,9 Ft / liter

  • Zalaegerszeg, Zone Bevásárlópark (Zala Park), Balatoni út 5-7.

    Petrol (E95): 453,9 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 433,9 Ft / liter

  • Zalaszentgrót, Türjei és Móricz Zs. u. sarok

    Petrol (E95): 439,9 Ft / liter

    Diesel: 429,9 Ft / liter

About us

About us – Oranges Oil Company is the first Hungarian-owned fully self-service gas station within Hungary. Our story began in Mosonmagyaróvár by opening a station at Park Center, which grew into the dynamically growing network that we are today. As a result you may now use our services at Zala Park, Zalaegerszeg and the parking lot of Pécs Pláza as well.
Our biggest advantage is providing you with the opportunity to fuel for a previously given amount. Therefore you are in control as to how much you would prefer to pay and you receive its’ equivalent in gas. In case you can’t use up the given amount, you will receive a voucher code that you may redeem at a later purchase.
Clients who would like to receive an invoice at the end of their purchase, should register on our APPLYING FOR CUSTOMER CODE page for a faster exchange.
Our mission is to unite the notion of a fast and simple trip to the gas station with shopping, therefore completing your usual tasks in one practical step.
Every drop counts to our customers, and we respect the interests of our customers.

Our services

Open 24/7

  • Oranges Oil Company is open all week, 0-24 hours for our clients.

Austrian quality

  • We provide a high-quality petrol and diesel fuel, on an amazingly low price.

Quick and simple fill up

  • You are in charge of fueling your car in our self-service stations.

Fueling and shopping at the same place

  • Our stations are in close vicinity of shopping malls, on central locations, providing a practical and one-location solution for daily chores for our customers.

Are you looking for a fair fueling opportunity?

Then spare some time and money at the same time! Fill up on a low price, fast and simple at our self-service stations! Still have questions?